Security Camera Systems

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Security cameras are changing rapidly – new technology is making systems easier to operate, integrate and use. We can help you by installing the most up to date equipment with the latest technology. We can also upgrade your existing security camera system from analogue to a digital IP camera systems.

Available CCTV Systems

Analogue Security Camera System

Analogue CCTV is still popular for budget installations.

HD CCTV Camera System

High-Definition with superior image quality and high pixel density.

IP CCTV Camera

Digital CCTV is high-tech, scalable and the live feed can be viewed on your smartphone.

Hidden Covert Cameras

Till transactions are recorded with relevant CCTV footage for prevention of till fraud.

Automatic Numberplate Recognition Systems

AKA ANPR, allows you to monitor and identify vehicles.

Remote Access Security Camera Systems

Allows you to view a live feed on your smartphone, tablet or pc. It's as easy as launching the app.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your CCTV system on your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or PC.