Whether you’re involved in a business deal or any other transaction that you want to keep quiet, you might consider investing in a bug detector. It may seem like overkill, but it only takes one person to get greedy or want the deal to fail in order for the whole arrangement to fall through. This is particularly true in business, where transactions must remain secret up until the last minute in order to ensure that the right people benefit, not the wrong ones.

Why a bug detector could save your deal

The bigger your deal is, the larger the number of people involved in it. Both sides often have bankers, accountants, solicitors, PR consultants and stockbrokers to consider, all of whom need representatives at each meeting; and that’s before you consider who’s taking part from the respective companies. It all adds up to a lot of people – many of whom you won’t know anything about – and yet you need to be able to trust everybody with the confidentiality of the deal whilst it’s in progress.

The problem is that it’s easy nowadays to use covert spy equipment to bug a meeting. It may be a listening device or an image-recorder. Both of these devices can be integrated into everyday objects such as computer mice, lamps, pens and even buttons. This makes them almost impossible to find without the help of a sophisticated bug detector. A good bug detector will find a transmitting signal across a range of frequencies, helping you to guarantee that you will find a device if one has been planted in the room or brought into the meeting. You don’t have to be paranoid; you just have to be prepared.

Bug detectors – worth the investment

A good bug detector doesn’t need to set you back by thousands of pounds. In fact, for only a few hundred pounds or less, you could invest in a bug detector that could find the spy equipment that’s been placed in your home, car or office. When you put this investment next to the amount you and your business stands to lose if the deal falls through, it’s clearly worth the money. Don’t forget that, no matter how many people are involved with your business deal, it only takes one to bring it all crashing down.

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