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AV Security is Ireland’s leading counter surveillance and TSCM company.

We help businesses prevent the loss of sensitive information from electronic surveillance and spying.

Defending against Electronic Surveillance

Whether you and team are discussing potential mergers and acquisitions, company policy, marketing plans or new product design, you are at risk from electronic surveillance.

Eavesdropping Detection

Electronic bugging devices are inexpensive, easy to install, physically difficult to locate and have become very much part of today's commercial environment.

Counter Surveillance

We offer advanced counter surveillance bug sweeping services to all levels of industry and private homes.

We work within offices, factories, warehousing, design centres, laboratories, trading floors and any other areas which may be the target of electronic surveillance or espionage. We also offer advanced bug sweeping services to individuals at their homes.

Our professional counter surveillance service is Dublin based and is dedicated to counter surveillance sweeps and related risk analysis. We can attend to any need within a 24 hour period.

TSCM Surveys


  • Solicitors Office Inspections
  • Boardrooms EGM/AGM
  • Mergers and Take-overs
  • Conference Room Inspections
  • Board Meeting Inspections


  • Homes and Offices
  • Domestic Home Inspections


  • GPS Tracking Device Detection
  • MD Vehicle Inpections
  • Aircraft
  • Boats

Cyber & Wifi Analysis

  • Wi-Fi Security Audits
  • Complete Building & Floor Audits
  • Compliance Surveys

Our state-of-the-art technical countermeasures equipment is capable of locating and neutralizing even the most technically advanced electronic surveillance devices.

Security sweeps are conducted outside normal working hours to ensure discretion and minimum workplace disruption.

How the AV Security solution works

  1. Initial meeting with client.
  2. Facility inspection survey, research and reconnaissance.
  3. On client's request, a countermeasures sweep of premises will be conducted.
  4. Client is provided with Risk and Vulnerability Analysis Report.
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If you require any further information, call us and one of our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our security assessors to visit your organisation and carry out a no obligation countermeasures survey.

Wireless Network Audits

AV Security provides customers with independent, clear, wireless network audits.

The analysis and tests of the network are performed as follows:

  • Identify access point hardware and configuration
  • Verify encryption meets best practice
  • Confirm that no unauthorized network access via wifi is possible
  • Identify any "rogue" access point installations
  • Exploits of known factory configuration weaknesses
  • Exploits of known deficiency of identified network design
  • Run network stumblers outside of building, determine leaking coverage

About AV Security

AV Security has been operating for over 21 years, supplying counter-surveillance equipment to a wide range of clients, including businesses and Government agencies.