CCTV Upgrades

Upgrading or Replacing your Old Analogue CCTV System

Upgrade my current system

Do you have an existing CCTV system that you want to upgrade to high definition CCTV?

90% of current CCTV systems use coaxial cable system at present and can be upgraded to HD quality.

It is now possible to upgrade your CCTV security system to HD quality without rewiring. AV Security HD CCTV solution is perfect for home or businesses.

If your system already has coax cabling you simply need to switch out your video recorder and replace the existing cameras. Now you will have a high definition (1080p) surveillance system.

Keep some of the CCTV cameras from my current system

Our Hikvision video recorders are compatible with analogue CCTV cameras allowing you to choose which cameras you want to change first, so you don’t necessarily have to change all your cameras at once. Change your video recorder and either replace all your cameras from our HD Turbo range, keep some of your old cameras and fit HD Turbo cameras in locations where you need high definition images. The video recorder will automatically detect the type of camera that is connected and adjusts recording resolution to suit.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your CCTV system on your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or PC.