Police are investigating an incident in the 700 block of New Franklin Road in which tenants reported that they discovered a neighbor spying on them with cameras.

According to the report, the couple observed a bore light style surveillance camera protrude through their wall through a junction box.

They stated they have lived at residence for three weeks and occasionally noticed a white and blue light emit from the junction box, which conjoins with the neighboring room, but assumed it was part of the outlet.

On Sunday, however, one of their children began screaming that something was coming out of the wall. On closer look, they observed the light was connected to a flexible camera scope which was being pushed farther into her room the report said.

According to the report, one of the tenants grabbed the camera and began pulling on it when she felt resistance from the other side. She reported hearing “scuffling” from the next room and heard the unknown person(s) leave the room.

Police made contact with the manager who revealed the tenant’s name, Robert Lee Merna, and let police into his room.

According to the report, the camera protruding from the wall, a monitor and other random RCA cords connected to the TV were found.

Police attempted to get a description of the tenant from neighbors but reports said there is a lot of foot traffic to and from that room. However, it was reported that a white male in his 20s and Asian male with a dragon tattoo are seen frequently.

According to police reports, while at the scene, two females came to the room in question but said they only came on behalf of a boyfriend to retrieve a pair of jeans. They denied any knowledge of surveillance activity.

Police are still investigating the incident and the suspect has not been found.