The use of listening devices are more typically suited to use by governmental operatives such as MI5 or the CIA but the discovery of listening devices in the studio of Simon Cowell led to the music mogul calling in police to sweep the building. According to a report in the Sun, listening devices had been placed in the backstage areas of the studio where Simon Cowell and his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden would relax after the show.

Listening Devices – Stars In Your Ears

A:According to the report in the Sun, the Pop Idol judge spotted a high tech listening devices hidden in a TV set and immediately called the police to perform a sweep of the building. It is thought that the listening devices where planted in order to pick up details of the private lives of the three judges. Speaking to the Sun, Simon Cowell stated, “I am absolutely shocked that someone tried to bug me. It is incredible the lengths some people will go to to try and get inside information about myself and the other judges. Nobody knows what they intended to do with the information they got from recording our conversations – but it is a concern that they were able to breach security.” Listening devices are becoming increasingly technologically advanced and they are used in all manner of circumstances, particularly in the realms of counter-terrorism and national security.

Listening Devices – Cowell Keeps His Secrets

The discovery of listening devices in the Britain’s Got Talent studios was only possible because the sound technicians were getting unusual sound interference on their equipment which made Cowell suspicious. TV’s Mr Nasty spotted the listening devices attached to a TV and managed to remove them all before he disclosed any secrets that he hoped to keep close to his chest.

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