Mobile phone technology is an integral part of every Companies telecommunications infrastructure.

 As the mobility requirements for staff and clients increase, out of convenience or necessity, so too does the requirement to maintain a vital lifeline back to headquarters, as well as the ability to share critical information securely whilst still doing it conveniently, efficiently and effectively. But as the technology has proliferated, so too have the methods and tools of attack, offering foreign operatives/intelligence agencies and other adversaries easy access to a world of information.

Unlike the UK’s Royal family, I doubt anyone is listening in on my phone calls. But, if someone wanted to, they could.

Many mobile phone calls in the U.K. and Europe are encrypted with a stream cipher called A5/1, which is commonly used, in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) voice communications. A5/1 is not secure. It’s been broken for years.

More recently, in 2009, A5/1 was busted by a German hacker in a way that demonstrated that if you can capture the voice stream anyone with generic computer equipment could break it. Since then, A5/1 has only become easier to crack.

I know about ‘products’ that can do this, and crackers who do have that kind of hardware at their beck and call and now selling on the black market at affordable prices . We have came across these pieces of equipment being used on subjects it is not common but its growing every year with us discovery interception equipment being used on our clients.

If you are someone that people really want to spy on, I’d be cautious about using ordinary mobile phones. If you have enemies or business competitors who really want to know what you’re saying, they really can listen in.

But there are countermeasures to protect your privacy the first thing you can do, post news of the world era is protect your phone messages all Glen Mulcaire the private investigator done was to use the default message centre pin number one ever thought of changing them or were too lazy to change make sure you change your mail box pin this can easily be done when dialling into your messages it will give you options and instructions to change the pin .

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Encrypted mobile phone calls