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Staff theft: how to handle it

March 6, 2014

Alarm systems and CCTV installations will go a long way towards protecting your business from robberies and thieving from outside forces, but how do your handle it when theft is an ‘inside job’? Review your discipline procedures and make sure they deal with theft/gross misconduct clearly and concisely Put yourself in the shoes of a […]

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Security sweep for president

Nicolas Sarkozy in marriage rumour bugging claims Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign to find out who started rumours alleging he and his wife were having affairs threatened to spiral into an affair of state, amid reports claiming that his former justice minister was bugged to see whether she instigated them. Reports claim that Sarkozy’s former justice minister […]

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covert camera

Spy Camera found on board plane

An American Airlines flight headed from San Francisco to JFK had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City yesterday after a camera disguised as a flashdrive was discovered taped to a wall inside a lavatory. It’s unclear who discovered the camera, which authorities treated as a potential bomb threat. Passengers were told at the time that there was […]

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Hidden Camera found

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. (AP) — A 46-year-old western Missouri man faces several charges after authorities found a hidden camera in his neighbor’s home. Gerald L. Campos was charged Friday in Cass County with burglary, invasion of privacy, operating a meth lab, child endangerment, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of child pornography. A neighbor told […]

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Security sweeps needed for NSA

The US Government has allotted a large share of its ‘Black Budget‘ for secret military research and weapons programs, along with surveillance programs, that is harvesting hundreds of millions of Metadata from emails, web activity, chats, social networks, and everything else around the world. To make this happen, NSA has used a number of unethical […]

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Security Sweep

February 26, 2014

Security sweep disputed Read More

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i-phone bugged

February 25, 2014

Online banking customers urged to update software after Apple security flaw Read More 

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Phone Bugged

why we need garda bugging inquiry to build public’s trust in force Read More

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Sweep for Bugs

February 24, 2014

Department of Finance says it regularly sweeps for bugs Read More 

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Dublin Bugging Scandal hi-tech electronic surveillance

February 23, 2014

Interesting views from the BBC about ombudsman bugging More  

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Electronic surveillance

February 19, 2014

Back door Guys …….. Read More 

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Professional surveillance equipment

Security firm deny selling professional surveillance equipment …….   Read More 

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Wi-fi Bugging

February 18, 2014

  GSOC’s bug experts ‘invited to Garda HQ’ Read More 

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We are not alone !

February 12, 2014

No check on Office of Police Integrity bugging: Victorian Ombudsman Read More 

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Phone Bugging

Electronic Surveillance …………………. Read More 

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Bugging equipment requests have increased threefold

February 11, 2014

Garda spying increased threefold in the past year Read More

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Electronic surveillance equipment found

who bugged the watchdog ? Read More

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

“Who will guard the guards themselves?” Read More

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Listening Device found at Ombudsman office after TSCM Sweep

February 10, 2014

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Read More 

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