Smart CCTV

Turning video into intelligence

Smart CCTV

AV Security is a leader in intelligent IP video surveillance solutions. We help organizations realize the true power of integrated data and video.

Our automated intelligent CCTV surveillance, operating with advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies results in the best of both worlds, where intelligent CCTV surveillance automation interplays with human vigilance. This new partnership optimises the key human element of security by not depending on human intervention to detect and capture evidence of crime, and index its evidence. This means that operators have more time to react in making the key decisions for responding.


On-board ANPR analytics allow the ability to detect and recognize a vehicle's license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart NVR or iVMS-5200P for access management. Supports may vary based on local LPR algorithm development and customization process required.

Region Enter / Exit

This function detects people, vehicles or other objects that enter or exit from a pre-defined virtual region, triggering an alarm.

Object Removed / Object Left Behind

This function detects objects left or removed from a pre-defined region, the alarm is triggered once the object is removed or placed within this region as per the schedule.

Object Counting

You can designate an area of interest and let the camera count objects entering or leaving, which include not only humans but also vehicles. It also offers statistical reports.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your CCTV system on your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or PC.

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