You may think a situation will never arise when you need to bug your own home or office, or install video spy equipment that will let you see what’s happening when you’re not there. Unfortunately, there may be those who are trying to trick or cheat you – or take advantage of the position they are in – and you need to be able to confront them with evidence if you want to sort out the problem.

Investing in spy equipment

Before you spend any money, you need to think about what spy equipment you actually need and why you need to use it. The reasons for installing spy equipment are many and varied. If you are having personal problems and you are worried about being harassed at your home or office, you may choose to install a camera so that you can record any abuse or violence if it happens. You may also want to put a bug in your own phone so that you can record any conversations that may help you to put a restraining order or other legal device in place. If you’re worried about a partner’s fidelity or a colleague’s scruples, you may think about installing a listening device or a tracker. Whatever your position, you need to think about:

Cost – what type of spy equipment can you afford to buy, and how much do you need? Do you need cameras at several entrances, or will a single one do? How many phones do you have, or rooms where you want to record conversations? The more spy equipment you want, the greater the cost.

Fitting and placement – exactly where are you going to put the spy equipment you buy? Fortunately, today’s spy equipment is small, light and easy to use, so many devices can be incorporated into everyday objects, making it easy to simply place something on a desk or table and let it get on with its work. If you want to install your spy equipment covertly, as many people do, you’ll need to think about when and where you can fit it.

Recording and monitoring – make sure you know exactly how to record and monitor your spy equipment. Many devices are wireless and smaller devices can be easily retrieved so that you can access the information they hold. The latest devices use the GSM phone system so you can call into them and listen to what’s going on at any given time.

Admissibility – if you’re using spy equipment to gain evidence against someone else, you need to be sure that your methods and results will be admissible and not contravene current legislation. If you’re planning to confront your target with the evidence personally, this may not matter, but if things are likely to take a legal turn, make sure you know what can and can’t be admitted as evidence.

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