Some want to be fire-fighters and others want to be pop stars, but thousands of boys and girls fancy a life as a secret agent – and in today’s technology-driven world, they can have the spy equipment to practise with. Toys are becoming more and more sophisticated, so why use a piece of thread to see if anyone’s been in your bedroom when you can use a laser detector?

So what can you buy your budding MI5 officer for his or her next birthday or Christmas present? There’s actually a wide variety of spy equipment available for youngsters, allowing them to get as close as possible to the real thing. Teeny spy equipment includes:

Laser trip wire – bound to be a favourite for all those with special places to protect. Set up the laser beams to form a barrier at the entrance to your room. Only you can see the beams – and if anyone breaks in, they set off the alarm!

Listening devices – toy listening device have a shorter range than professional spy equipment, but budding agents can still hear what’s going on in the room next to them with an extendable microphone and micro-earpieces.

Night scopes – – gives night-time operators the chance to see in the dark. This piece of spy equipment also comes with a pop-up light so that you can see what you’re doing even in the darkest of places.

Lipstick recorder – secret missions aren’t just for boys. Use your wiles – and this natty piece of spy equipment – to record conversations whilst looking as innocent as possible.

Spy equipment is a growing market, whether for serious adult operations or to keep the kids quiet. As we live with an increasing amount of surveillance, it’s not surprising that our children are fascinated by uncovering secrets and protecting their own realms. It’s always been that way; the only difference today lies in the quality and application of the technology and the advances in children’s spy toys is simply mirroring the amazing advances in adult spy equipment.

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