In the world of spy equipment, bigger isn’t always better and many of the most popular gadgets are often barely perceptible to the human eye. Spy cameras, listening devices, bug detectors and many equally as cool gadgets are staples of the spy equipment trade and these pieces are ideal for use in surveillance and counter surveillance.

Spy Equipment – The Hot List

Spy equipment is simultaneously fun for the technologically inclined and vital to the intelligence operations of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces. Innovation and spy equipment are clearly synonymous with one another and the frequency with which cool new spy equipment hits the market is quite frequent. Just some of the most recent innovations to take the spy equipment world by storm include:

Vehicle Trackers – Small but perfectly formed, these pieces of spy equipment are ideal for keeping track on where vehicles go remotely. Latest vehicle trackers have the capacity to record conversations going on in the vehicles.

Security Bots – These excellent pieces of spy equipment will act as sentries when you’re away from home. They are robots that rove your home and have wireless connectivity which means you can view their video feed from anywhere in the world.

Spyglasses – A piece of spy equipment that Bond himself would be proud of. Spyglasses are ideal for anyone who thinks that they are being trailed. They have a special coating which actually allows you to see behind you whilst looking directly in front.

Hidden Camera Detectors – These pieces of spy equipment are most employed in counter surveillance operations as the will locate any cameras that may have been hidden on the premises. Bug detectors are now a very big part of the spy equipment industry.

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